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You, Monika, and Authentic in Business


Hey, lifelong seeker of wisdom

You aspire an authentic, impactful and transformational business, aligned with your true brand essence.

You thrive in a holistic approach. And that’s exactly what I’m here for.

The intuitive woman, female entrepreneur, is the ideal client of Monika de Neef, founder and owner of Authentic in Business

What they have in common


Making decisions in alignment with their intuition, heart, and soul.


Setting heartfelt intentions rather than goals from their heads.


Transitioning to the next stage or next level of their business.

Monika de Neef, holistic business coach, founder and owner of Authentic in Business


Holistic Business Coach

I know what it’s like to grapple with that nagging voice of self-doubt. Imposter syndrome has been a constant companion on my journey.

In my quest to unearth my life’s true purpose, I delved into Jungian psychology and stumbled upon the captivating world of universal archetypes. 

My path was one of continuous learning, marrying intuitive wisdom with strategic insights, yet my businesses lacked that soul-deep alignment I craved.

It wasn’t until Kaye Putnam, my mentor, introduced me to brand archetypes that a light bulb illuminated my path. The Magician, Explorer, and Creator  archetypes resonated with my very essence.

I’d love to help you embrace your brand spirit, while weaving it into a thriving, impactful business.

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I have learned that challenges are the doorways to growth and stepping stones on our journeys


My Clients Say

Before I started working with Monika, I had a deep fear of letting myself be seen. I felt the inner calling to show my work, my soul gift, as a visual storyteller to the world. But things always got in the way because it touched my deepest fears. Monika guided me to places deep within me and discovered what was waiting for me there. She helped me embrace my resistance, guided me beyond roadblocks, challenged me to make choices, and encouraged me to feel free and follow my own journey, in my own way. She’s present with what is and what emerges. She gets the best out of me by bringing out my innate potential. I gained clarity from inside and therefore my mind is clear as well.
Marja Sas, owner and visual storyteller of Sparkles from the Soul, based in the Netherlands
Marja Sas
Visual Storyteller at Sparkles From the Soul
I know now how to access more powerful words to add to my marketing materials and my website. They will truly represent me in a way that lets people feel who I am. It was so refreshing to be in a group that was not head-centred. Several of us re-connected with others present and made for great energy and lots of laughs. I would highly recommend any of Monika's workshops if you want the world to see who you really are, in all of your marketing.
My 7 beliefs why i started my business

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