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Hi, intuitive woman

I’m Monika de Neef, holistic business coach and founder of Authentic in Business. You and I have lots in common!

Do you agree that the following factors are the signs of a thriving, aligned business? If so, you’re in the right place.

Feel-Good Marketing
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Are you stuck or on the fence?

Often the next step or phase feels out of reach. It’s like swimming upstream. So exhausting!
I specialise in guiding women through transitions in their businesses, from survival to revival.

guidance for start of a new business


You're trying to figure out how to start your business in a good way. But it's confusing and overwhelming.

Guidance for the pivot stage in business


You're reaching the growth limits, want to focus on a new audience or change direction without overwhelm.

guidance for the reinvent stage of business


You're on a dead end path. But also with a thriving business, it could simply no longer work for you anymore.


Awaken Your Brand Spirit

My approach is holistic, aligning soul purpose and mindset with storydriven branding, marketing, sales and automation to attract the right clients for  your business.

Do you prefer to work on your own or in a group? Face-to-face or in an online environment?
I offer 4 options to choose from.


Your guide who travels with you on your journey.

Monika de Neef, Authentic in Business, workshop brand message

Free and paid workshops, local in Nelson and online.

Brand Soul Clarity guide by Monika de Neef, owner and founder of Authentic in Business
Guides & Templates

Uncover your unique strengths and alluring stories.

Enchanting Brand Journey, online group course by Monika de Neef, owner and founder of Authentic in Business
Online Courses

Self-paced mini-courses and group courses with Q&As.


Download the Free Roadmap

Authentic Business Growth roadmap to attract the right clients on autopilot by Monika de Neef, founder and owner of Authentic in Business

Key to a thriving business is the ‘Connect’ stage, the first 3 steps.
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Why would you choose me?

Here are the 3 factors that will benefit the authentic growth of your business.

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One stop

Holistic alignment of branding, marketing, sales, and automation.
You don't have to find others and start from scratch again.

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Focus on Women

Experienced in serving intuitive women entrepreneurs who are passionate about their unique creativity.
I get you, I'm a like-minded spirit.

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Soul Storytelling

People are driven by feelings and deep human patterns. You learn to share your unique heart & soul stories that resonate deeply with your clients.


Who I am and what I stand for

In many ways, I’ve always been a highly sensitive connector. Connecting the magical with the practical. The unknown potential with the known manifested. The business world with our inner core. The big picture with the nitty-gritty details.

I’m here to help you reframe your self-limiting beliefs and critical inner voices, and uncover your enchanting stories that captivate your ideal audience and resonate with the soul of your brand.

Then I’ll help you weave your unique stories into soulful marketing, empowered by simple automated strategies that will invite and welcome your new clients on autopilot.


Making true connections when leading with soul and feeling your true self.

Brand Soul Clarity

Marketing works best when it's aligned with your deepest essence.


It's about the thriving well-being of ourselves, people and planet, rather than the 'earn money fast' race.


My Clients Say

The Enchanting Brand Journey isn't just a business programme, it's a magical journey that leads to a way of living the brand archetypes through my work and also through who I am. I'm showing my unique brand, my work as a visual storyteller, and who I am from my inner sparkles. It's pure magic and beyond words...
Monika has highly developed eyes for business.
It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities.

She also helped me see that owning a company is not just for "Mr. Directors".
Sandra Souisa, founder and director of Een en Al Centrum
Sandra Souisa
Een en Al Centrum

Are We A Good Fit?


Inner Connection

You're open-minded and you want to lead your business from within.


Soul Purpose

You feel and hear your calling to bring your soul gift into the world.


Freedom Lifestyle

You want your business to serve you and the life you passionately desire.

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"When your efforts to attract your ideal clients aren't working, it's high time to realign and start with the foundation."

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