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Daily 1-minute (pitch-free) words of wisdom
as a reminder and focus that guide you through your personal journey, giving light and direction for what wants to unfold.

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Waypoints Testimonials

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Your business will thrive when you thrive. The Waypoints offer a quick daily insight in your heart and soul, so you can live your truth and purpose more meaningfully.

The Waypoints can be gems of inspiration in amongst a day full of busy life doings!

When life gets busy and in difficult times, it's easy to forget your inner wisdom. The Waypoints offer a daily soulful moment to tap into your essence, remembering who you are, and aligning your outer steps with your true self.

The daily Waypoint emails help me to align with my true self, see the bigger picture, and accept that life is a cycle so I can tap into new opportunities. You would love these emails to help you live your full potential.

The Waypoints can be used as inspiration and for what wants to unfold .. to just let the words come in .. sometimes it is so to the point as where one can be and sometimes it isn't and then just read it and go on. And if it is so to the point .. take the words and energy with you and just let it do its work.

I believe we are given the information and wisdom we need at the right time. The Waypoints are at times a reminder and a focus  to help guide us through the journey, giving light and direction.


Waypoint: a stopping place on your entrepreneurial journey

When you thrive, aligned with your true self and your purpose, your business will thrive. Daily pitch-free gems of inspiration to tap into your inner wisdom.

Waypoint - daily 1-minute inspiration email for women entrepreneurs
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