Hello, Kindred Spirit How to answer your Soul's calling as entrepreneur?
Let's talk about it.

Are you starting your business
or facing a crossroads,
seeking alignment with your true self
and moving forward in an authentic way?

  • Do you want to find your true soul purpose that allows you to both make a good living and feel soulfully fulfilled?

  • Is self-doubt holding you back, manifesting as not feeling good enough, lack of worthiness, or afraid to be seen?

  • Does your brand feel out of alignment and like a mismatch of styles?

  • Do you seek inner clarity to give words and visuals to your brand essence and messaging?

  • Although doing well, have you hit a plateau in your business growth?

  • Do you want to attract more ideal clients but fear you would lose authenticity and soulful connections?

  • Are your email campaigns falling into an abyss, because your messaging is missing the magic to touch the right souls?

  • Are you struggling with confident sales calls in a way that is in tune with the soul of your brand?

  • Are tech tasks overwhelming you, leaving you stuck in a maze and funnels or courses incomplete?

  • Do tech tools give you the feeling that it’s like deciphering a mysterious code?

I have been there and understand the dynamics and conflicting demands between your intuition and practical business tasks

I can help you make the progress you’re dreaming about

by aligning your intuition, authentic brand personality and your strengths,

with branding, marketing, sales, and automation

Hello, I'm Monika Holistic Business Coach & Online Marketing Strategist
for Intuitive Women

Monika de Neef, founder of True Connections, authenticity-driven brand and business strategist

I am passionate about working with my clients to empower them to lead their business from within, grow authentically in their own way, and make true connections with their ideal clients or customers.

I believe in bringing your whole self into your business, so I offer aligned holistic packages at the intersection of branding, new paradigm marketing and sales, automation, and mindset.

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Start with a roadmap

I Have Walked This Path Becoming a flourishing entrepreneur and your guide

On my journey I have encountered my share of pitfalls. Without a clear roadmap, I navigated through uncertainties and made many mistakes.

Every piece of the business puzzle was scattered, leaving me puzzled about the bigger picture. As a result, I lost my authenticity and my essence.


But the most important thing…. I lost my soul. One day I felt completely dried out. 


Because even if you’re doing all the things in the right order and in the right way, when your true self is not aligned, it leads to feelings of deep emptiness and disconnection.


That’s why my Authentic Business Growth roadmap  starts with ‘Authentic You’ and it unites strategy and your flow-ability.

Plus, receive the assessment emails for each stage to support your journey to a flourishing you and a thriving business. Also, explore my weekly Awaken Your Brand Spirit journal for added guidance every Tuesday.
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Whatever your available time, energy, and budget is like,
you can make a start with one of my holistic coaching offers
at the intersection of branding, marketing, automation, and mindset.

2-hour session for clarity & focus

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Authentic Business Growth for Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs; short coaching and done for your services

Enchanting Brand Strategy - 4 steps

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Enchanting Brand Journey, working with Monika de Neef at True Connections Branding

Enchanting Brand Journey - 6 months

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What My Clients Are Saying

The Enchanting Brand Journey isn’t just a business programme, it’s a magical journey that leads to a way of living the brand archetypes through my work but also through who I am.

I’m showing my unique brand, my work as visual storyteller, and who I am from my inner sparkles.
It’s pure magic and beyond words…

Marja Sas is one of True Connections Branding's clients

Marja Sas

Sparkles from the Soul

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities.

She also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa one of True Connection Branding's clients
Sandra Souisa
Een en Al Centrum

What Is Unique About Authentic in Business?

Explore the 5 aspects of how I work authentically

Point of difference 1 is Focus on Women
Point of difference 2 is One Stop Service
Point of Difference 3 is With Soul Purpose
Point of Difference 4 is Innate Human Dynamics
Point of Difference 5 is In Your Style

Experienced in serving intuitive, creative women entrepreneurs with their unique challenges

Holistic expertise in branding, mindset, soul journey, marketing, sales, and automation for great alignment

Driven by a soul-led purpose to make a meaningful impact, not just profits, bringing prosperity to the world

Utilising brand archetypes, collective psychology for deep understanding and instant connection

Offering personalised exercises that align with your unique strengths and approaches

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