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Feel Soulfully Fulfilled
With Your Stand-Out Brand

Branding & business strategy for the creative, intuitive woman entrepreneur

who wants to  grow her business aligned with her true self.

Discover Your Authentic Brand Personality

You have a bigger purpose and a desire to make a meaningful impact.
You want to stand out from the crowd and grow your business authentically.


But... the one-size-fits-all strategies that other business coaches teach,
kill your creativity, don't resonate, and there's no alignment with who you are.
In the end, you feel you have lost your Soul and your Why.


You and I know that making a true connection, first with ourselves
and then with others and our environment, is the key to fulfillment.

Your ideal client will feel that true connection instantly too.


Therefore, start with discovering your Authentic Brand Personality,
based on universal human dynamics, called brand archetypes.
It's the ultimate foundation, the essence of who you and your brand are.


The online personality test will be coming soon.
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Monika de Neef, authenticity-driven brand and business strategist

Hi, I'm Monika de Neef

Authenticity-driven Brand & Business Strategist

Being a serial entrepreneur over the past 20+ years, it has always been my quest to find authentic ways to a successful business.


My mistakes, pitfalls, and flaws, led me to the conclusion that working harder to make things work only led me further away from my true self, and therefore... success.


If marketing and sales strategies don't work, you need to go back to your foundation first, your essence.


And then... you'll attract your ideal clients and new opportunities in a natural way. That's the magic!

3 Steps to Create Your Stand-Out Brand

Create remarkable, personalised experiences for your ideal clients.

The Brand.Map.Flow. process that I created is a holistic way of growing your business,
at the intersection of branding, customer value journey, and marketing & sales automation.




Uncover your unique brand personality that attracts your ideal clients who become raving, loyal fans. I believe in a personalised
approach, customising exercises and coaching to create your well-aligned brand strategy.

I believe in a client-centred approach, seeing the world from within their eyes.
That's why I start with mapping the journey of your audience, from not knowing you to becoming your fans, before mapping the business funnels that lead to sales.

Growing and scaling your business should feel like swimming downstream not upstream, and giving you the freedom to do what you love. Automation for me is humanising business, adding the personal touch that leads the tech and not vice versa.

Discover Your Authentic Brand Personality

Take the first step: Brand.
The online personality test will be coming soon.

Shall I keep you informed?
Fill in your details below to get the invitation.

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