Align with your True Self to make a meaningful impact

Discover the essential elements for aligned personal growth

Make Your True Work Visible, Sellable,
and Remarkable

Discover your brand story and message that make you stand out as best choice

Being authentic and showing your true self
attracts your ideal clients on their journey
from passerby to ambassador for your brand.

Monika de Neef, founder of True Connections Branding, explains branding in the video below (3:25 minutes)

Monika de Neef explains what branding is

How does True Connections Branding work?


Discover the gems that make you stand out. Your strengths are based on the brand archetypes, universal patterns, that create an instant, deep connection.


Create a visual journey that shows what your ideal clients feel, need, and desire at each step of their pathway to becoming your brand ambassador.


Create a personalised, automated flow of marketing and sales strategies that align with your core strengths. This will delight your followers and clients.

And the foundational keys to success?

Aligned Personal Growth and an Authentic Brand Personality


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