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While Iā€™m planning my upcoming local and online workshops that are brewing with wisdom and empowerment, I invite you to explore my transformative FREE on-demand workshop.

FREE on-demand workshop Get Brand Clarity, Focus, and Confidence - 5 steps to an authentic brand with archetypes

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Get Brand Clarity, Focus, and Confidence. 5 steps to an authentic brand with archetypes. Free workshop by Monika de Neef, founder of True Connections, authenticity-driven brand and business strategist

What My Clients Are Saying

Monika's explanation of how to attract my clients from an authentic space. My business has to reflect honestly who I am and this comes from the language we use on website, and all the branding parts. I've finally got it šŸ™‚
I am much more clear about who my ideal clients are and how I can attract them šŸ™‚

Sally Rees, raw and fermented foods coach and chef, founder of Natural Nosh

Sally Rees

Natural Nosh

Monika doesn't just guide, she journeys with you, meeting you exactly where you are. When I was stuck or uncertain, Monika was there with a helping hand, a guiding question, an "oh yeah" moment that propelled me forward. Even when tears flow or emotions stir, Monika's unwavering presence helps you draw out the best within. What sets Monika apart is her magical ability to embrace the full spectrum of your experience. She doesn't shy away from emotions; she embraces them. She mirrors your actions, your words, and your feelings, encouraging you to explore deeper layers of authenticity. Old pains and habits become not roadblocks, but stepping stones on your journey.

Marja Sas is one of True Connections Branding's clients
Marja Sas
Sparkles from the Soul

'Discover, Embrace, Transform' is my mantra Nurture Your Brand From Within

My approach isn't just about revealing your brand; it's about nurturing it from within. Through highs and lows, breakthroughs and reflections, I stand by your side, holding a safe space for everything that arises. Your journey is an evolution, a sacred unfolding, and I am your dedicated guide, locally in Nelson, New Zealand, and globally.

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