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Last updated 20 June 2022

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Hey, great that you're here. This is a summary of my Legal Pages related to my site

I know, these kinds of legal pages aren’t the easiest ones to read, because they are full of mandatory legal stuff. So that’s why I’m writing this short and easy to read introduction to all my policies. 

Because I like transparency, honesty, and clarity, just like you. My goal is to share information in an informative, open, and honest way.


When you read, watch, or listen to content, request a product, course, programme, or service from True Connections Branding (that’s the name of my business), or contact me, you want to be helped quickly, personally, and effectively.


And when I advise you, you want my advice to match your personal wishes and needs, right? 


In order to do this, I would like to get to know you better, your thoughts, interests and desires. For this I use certain personal data in forms, polls, quizzes, and surveys, and use third-party tools to help me understand your transformational journey in growing your business authentically.

This way I offer added value to my audience and clients.

Please read more in my Privacy & Cookies Policy and my Terms & Conditions.


Investing in my products, sessions, programmes, or automation projects isn’t a choice of heart and soul only, but also a decision made by your mind. Investing shouldn’t be taken lightly, don’t you agree? It helps to read and hear some words of other people who have worked with me before. But, because your circumstances, resources, motivation, etc. are different, I can’t guarantee you get the same results as they do. If some business gurus claim that, they lie…
Please read more in my Earnings & Testimonials Disclaimer.


When you buy my digital products or enrol in one or more of my one-on-one sessions, programmes, or automation projects, you want to know about payments and refunds, right?
Please read more in my Payment & Refund Policy.



Changes to this page

This Legal Pages in Simple Words page was last amended on the date stated at the top of the policy. I’ll make changes to this page, as soon as one or more of my policies and disclaimer gets changed or in the case of advancing insights.




The link to this Legal Pages in Simple Words page is added to the footer of the Site, that is visible on every page.



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True Connections Branding

Monika de Neef, founder and owner
Postal address: 1 Moncrieff Avenue, Britannia Heights, Nelson 7010, New Zealand.

Questions or Queries?

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or thoughts
about this Payment & Refund policy,
please contact me via email at
[email protected].

PS: the email mentioned in my video works just as fine: [email protected]

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