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3 coaching options to choose from. 

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2-hour sessions for clarity & focus

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short coaching and done for your services

Enchanting Brand Strategy - 4 steps

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Enchanting Brand Journey, working with Monika de Neef at True Connections Branding

Enchanting Brand Journey - 3 months

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2-hour sessions for clarity & focus

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Get Clarity and Focus in Just 2 Hours

When the path ahead seems hazy, and challenges in mindset, branding, marketing, sales, or automation are holding you back, it's time to harness the power of strategic clarity combined with your intuitive nature.

Our transformative 2-hour session together offers a condensed burst of insight, guidance, and action, aligning you with your true self and empowering you to step into your authentic entrepreneurial journey.

You choose the topic(s), for example

  • You used to enjoy what you do, but now it feels like a chore and you no longer feel fulfilled.

  • You doubt your abilities or the path you have followed. You keep spinning your wheels.

  • Your messages are all over the place. You find it difficult to capture your essence in words and visuals.

  • Being on social media feels like juggling a dozen balls at once.

  • Promoting yourself feels like it's draining your soul and you’re not making any progress.

  • You find it difficult to make the transition in a conversation to ask your potential client to buy or register.

  • You feel like you’re not good at sales at all.

  • Automation feels like a maze to you or like wiring a complicated circuit board.

  • Tech stuff is like quicksand. You need to decipher the code, but the more you try, the more you get stuck.

  • Or, whatever you feel about a topic related to mindset, branding, marketing, sales, or automation.,



This Alignment session is ideal if you...

  • Want to pick my brain.

  • Need clarity on missing steps on the Authentic Business Growth roadmap.

  • Have to make choices from a lot of ideas or tools.

  • Doubt yourself and can’t stop second guessing..

  • Need to fix techy stuff or finish half-completed online courses or email series.

  • Want a crystal clear action plan that leads to success without burnout.

You're only 3 steps away from relief and alignment

Book. Clarity. Action.

Your investment in your 2-hour Alignment Session is  $250 NZD excluding 15% GST.

(early bird deal; normally $270 NZD), 


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I'd love to help you overcome the obstacles to a new alignment.

Get clarity, focus, and a personalised action plan, in just 2 hours.

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Create a Brand that Mirrors Your Authentic Essence

Imagine your business radiating with soulful purpose and authenticity, drawing in your dream clients like moths to a flame. Welcome to the transformative journey of the Enchanting Brand Strategy programme that consists of 4 steps: Brand Vitality, Brand Visuals, Brand Voice, and Brand Alignment.

Branding is what your audience sees, hears, and feels about you and your business

It’s in your power to shape their perception by crafting an authentic brand identity that reflects your vision, values, and unique essence.

A daunting task? Not with my empowering Enchanting Brand Strategy programme.

Let’s co-create your brand that..

  • Feels like an extension of your heart and soul.
  • Has a unique brand personality so you can say “my brand is me, and I am my brand”.
  • Captures the essence of what you stand for in well-aligned visuals and words.
  • You lead with your intuition as a powerful guide.
  • Is cohesive and consistent on every platform you choose to become visible.
  • Wows your audience because you resonate with their essence and what they are seeking in a brand.
  • Ignites your unique creative work beyond your dreams.
  • Is your True North for every decision you’ll make in your future, today and tomorrow.
  • Is transformational for you personally, as it taps into the core of who you are; your archetypal trinity becomes a lens for how you sense, make sense, and respond to the world.

This 4-session strategy programme is ideal when you...

  • Are new to business, want to reflect your authentic brand personality, and want to get off to a good start right away.
  • Feel out of alignment with your brand.
  • Feel you’re ready for refinement, because you and your business have evolved.

Curious about what this strategy programme offers?

  • An in-depth assessment, a questionnaire and the Authentic Brand Personality quiz.
  • Session 1: brand vitality, defining your business essence and authentic brand personality by choosing your archetypal trinity.
  • Session 2: creating your library of amazing brand visuals.
  • Session 3: creating your unique messages and brand storytelling.
  • Session 4: align your brand with authenticity and soul purpose, ready for radiance in visibility.
  • A beautifully crafted Brand Guide that is your unique compass for years to come
  • A practical Brand Workbook, your collection of all business ideas and opportunities together in one place, aligned with the Authentic Business Growth roadmap.

Ready to unveil your true Brand Soul with clarity?

Your investment in your Enchanting Brand Strategy is $1250 NZD, excluding 15% GST.

Book a FREE Discovery Call today. Let’s explore if my Enchanting Brand Strategy programme is a right fit for you and answer your questions. Click here and book a time in my online calendar


Let’s uncover your Enchanting Brand Strategy together,
empowering your brand to flourish in harmony with your true self.


short coaching and done for your services

Enchanting Brand Strategy - 4 steps

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Enchanting Brand Journey, working with Monika de Neef at True Connections Branding

Enchanting Brand Journey - 3 months

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Grow Your Business Authentically, Make a Good Living, and Feel Fulfilled

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey, stepping into the world with your unique offerings, promoting what you offer truthfully to your dream clients, and making your business a success - on your terms?


The Enchanting Brand Journey combines both the Enchanting Brand Strategy and the Brand Visibility & Voyage in one 3-month programme. This journey is specifically tailored to your business aspirations.


Let’s elevate your brand to heights beyond your dreams

Together we’ll co-create everything in the Enchanting Brand Strategy and…

  • An inspirational purpose-driven business plan
  • Your unique approach or methodology
  • A suite of enticing offers that resonate deeply with your audience
  • A map of your audience’s journey from not knowing you to becoming your loyal co-creators
  • Unique on-brand ways to promote your business truthfully
  • A soul-to-soul way for Invitational sales in a way that touches your dream clients’ hearts
  • Automated flows (aka funnels), unique digital experiences without losing the human touch
  • A setup for remarkable delivery what you offer and getting amazing testimonials
  • A setup in which dedicated ambassadors spread out the word for you consistently
  • Your Business Growth Vortex model that increases your brand’s momentum and growth.

This 3-month programme is ideal when you...

  • Want to start your business in the best way possible, authentically aligned with your true self and soul purpose.
  • Have tried other one-size-fits-all business coaching before without the progress you envisioned.
  • Are in a transition phase in your business, such as changing or broadening your audience or stepping away from 1-on-1 work to offering (digital) products.
  • Are ready for a rebrand along with implementing systems and processes so that you can scale your business and hire a team.

The Enchanting Brand Journey blends coaching, training, and done-for/with-you services

The programme consists of 12 empowering steps, ensuring that every facet of your business resonates with your true self and values.

  • Onboarding email series to prepare and align your energy
  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions for weekly guidance and accountability
  • Mindset exercises to empower your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Resources such as checklists, cheat sheets, frameworks, and much more
  • Email and WhatsApp support between coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to online bite-sized training lessons for future reference

And offered in a personalised proposal:

  • Done-With-You or Done-For-You Flow (aka Funnel) building including Email Marketing
  • Done-For-You Zapier automations for efficiency and automation.

Your Brand & Business Adventure Awaits

With my guidance, your journey will be empowered, purpose-driven, and filled with serendipitous moments. Together, we'll navigate the fog, step by step, unveiling the path that leads to your true destination. Your business transformation is a magical adventure, and I'll be there every step of the way, ensuring you never walk alone.

Ready to invest in Your Authentic Business Growth?

The Enchanting Brand Journey is an investment in yourself and your business. It requires a time commitment of twelve 1-hour weekly coaching sessions, along with 2-4 hours of homework. The financial investment for this transformational journey starts at $2500 NZD, excluding 15% GST, and is personalised based on your automation & tech needs.

Book your FREE Discovery Call

Let’s explore if my Enchanting Brand Journey programme is right for you, answer your questions, and decide what personalised proposal I can send you. Click here and book a time in my online calendar.

The Enchanting Brand Journey isn’t just a business programme, it’s a magical journey that leads to a way of living the brand archetypes through my work but also through who I am.
- Marja Sas, visual storyteller & creator of card decks at Sparkles from the Soul

Not sure which programme suits you best?

Let's have an honest, transparent chat to hear where you are on your journey and what you need most.

What My Clients Are Saying

Monika is a skilled, wise, and considerate business coach.  I came to her seeking to streamline my social enterprise where I was busy all the time with lots of work but not bringing in income.  I needed clarity on where to focus my energies, on who exactly were my target market and ideal client, how to position myself to connect with this market, and get an overall make-over of my brand.

Monika was able to help me with all of this and over-delivered with templates, resources, and personalised reports.  She was flexible with when and where we could meet and even helped with advice between meetings.  She really “had my back” which is something solo entrepreneurs really need as its difficult pioneering new ideas/services on one’s own.  A few months after the coaching, I got my first ideal client and look forward to many more.

Zola Rose, Regenerative & Collective housing consultant, director of Common Ground

Zola Rose

Regenerative & Collective Housing consultant

Director of Common Ground

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities.

She also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa one of True Connection Branding's clients
Sandra Souisa
Een en Al Centrum

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