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More than Life & Business

Most holistic business coaches focus on the combination of your life and your business.  I take a step beyond. My approach combines your soul, mindset, and self-leadership with your brand and business.

By uncovering your innate brand archetypes and unleashing their potential, together we tap into the soul of who you are, what you stand for, and your purpose.

We discover your unique stories that only you can tell to attract the right clients and sell what you offer in a feel-good way.

Holistic Business Coaching with Monika de Neef, founder and owner of Authentic in Business

I love the metaphor of the labyrinth. There's no path to choose, but your unique path will unfold naturally, as long as you're present and willing to dive deep into your inner core.

The Cycle That No One Talks About

Besides the linear and exponential growth curve, there is another truth that is hardly talked about by other business coaches. They are talking about growing into 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses.

You and I don’t long for such a big business. We cringe at the very thought, don’t we?

And intuitively, we feel that this growth, purely for the sake of continuous growth, is only half the truth. There is more to life!

The secret is an innate human cycle of 5 stages, see the box on the right. This cycle and its dynamics are very important because it is here that we are most likely to get stuck.

And if we don’t know where we’re stuck and why, our actions to break free are often not the right ones, right?

I am here to enlighten you, bring clarity, and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey up the metaphorical hills and through the valleys. You’ll find my 2 coaching options below.

PS: I’m working on a self-assessment and guide on this topic, so watch this space for an update and link. 

5 stages

1. Rigidity

Working upstream and hitting the Growth plateau.

2. Risk Avoidance

Exploring new ways is too risky. You have to keep going.

3. Release

Letting go of the pieces that aren't aligned anymore.

4. Regrouping

Repositioning by claiming your true aligned space.

5. Revival

Revitalising your growth beyond your wildest dreams.

authentic alignment session, coaching by Monika de Neef, founder and owner of Authentic in Business

Authentic Alignment Session

Get Clarity and Focus in just 2 hours

Authentic Alignment means you are aligned with your true self, and not the self that others suggest you should be.
In entrepreneurship it means that you follow your unique path and style that suits your true self and soul’s desire.

There are so many pieces to the business puzzle that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, right? Where to start? What comes first? You can no longer see the forest for the trees.

Whether you want to focus on seeing the big picture again, or the nitty-gritty details of marketing, sales, or automation, I can help.

Download the document with more information about the Authentic Alignment Session (no email opt-in required).

Enchanting Brand Journey

The Enchanting Brand Journey is a personalised 6-month journey that combines coaching, training, advice and done-with-you or done-for-you automation of your funnels and emails.

This programme is for you if you feel that what your business radiates does not match your real self. It’s also a great option if you want to go in a different direction with new clients and new products, courses, or services.

If you want to come home to your true, authentic self and get extraordinary results, then let’s chat.

Enchanting Brand Journey, online group course by Monika de Neef, owner and founder of Authentic in Business

The Enchanting Brand Journey isn’t just a business programme, it’s a magical journey that leads to a way of living the brand archetypes through my work but also through who I am. I’m showing my unique brand, my work as visual storyteller, and who I am from my inner sparkles. It’s pure magic and beyond words…

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